BMW Motorrad
Maintenance schedule
0496 - R 1200 CL
00 00 131 BMW Inspection with Annual Inspection (see Maintenance Schedule)
every 20,000 km)
Customer Registration No. Odometer reading
Order No. Date Mechanic's + Manager's signature
Equipment trim-level variant:
0415 - BMW Integral ABS (fully
Reading fault-code memories with the BMW Motorrad diagnostic system
Checking clutch fluid level
21 00 505 Change the clutch fluid (during maintenance)
every four years
Changing engine oil with engine at operating temperature, replacing oil filter
Changing oil in gearbox, warmed to normal operating temperature
33 00 501 Oil change, rear wheel drive
every two years or every 40,000 km
16 12 503 Replace fuel filter (fairing/fuel tank removed)
every 40,000 km
Checking battery acid level
Cleaning and greasing battery terminals
Replacing intake air filter
34 00 706 Additional work, motorcycle with ABS: changing brake fluid in all wheel circuits (for
34 00 608 Change brake fluid in entire ABS control circuit
every four years
Checking rear wheel bearing play by tilting wheel
Checking swinging-arm pivot mount
Checking operation of side-stand switch
Greasing side stand pivot
12 31 657 Repleace belt for generator (as part of maintenance)
every 40,000 km
Replacing spark plugs
Adjusting valve clearance
Checking freedom of movement of throttle cable and checking for kinks and chafing
34 00 650 Brake check for BMW Motorrad Integral ABS (as part of maintenance)
Checking/adjusting synchronisation
Checking tyre pressures and tread depth
Checking lights and signalling equipment
Test ride as final inspection and function check
Confirming BMW Service in on-board documentation
*) Billed as a separate item
not as per the normal schedule
BMW Motorrad, UX-VA-4
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