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Important notes about using the Illustrated Parts Catalog

A&S BMW Motorcycles Parts Fiche is the ultimate, easy-to-use, online BMW OEM Parts Catalog for looking up and ordering BMW OEM parts and accessories for your BMW motorcycle - 1970 to current.

BMW OEM Parts Fiche for Motorcycles. Available Models Below:

German-English Glossary. Common terms including color names you may come across in our illustrated parts catalog.

R Bikes
2013-current Water-Cooled models 2010-2015 "DOHC" models
R1200GS (2013-16) R1200GS (2010-13)
R1200GS Adv (2014-16) R1200GS Adv (2010-13)
R1200RT (2014-16) R1200RT (2010-13)
R1200RS (2016) R1200R (2011-14)
R1200R (2015-16) RnineT (2014-16)
R900RT (2010-13)
2005-10 "Hex-Head" models 1998-2005 "Oil Head" models
R1200GS (2008-09) R1200C (2004)
R1200GS Adv (2008-09) R1200 Montauk (2004)
HP2 Megamoto (2007-08) R1200C Indep (2004)
HP2 Enduro (2006-07) R1200CL (2003-04)
R1200GS (2005-07) R1200C (1998-03)
R1200GS Adv (2006-07) R1200C Indep (1998-03)
R1200RT (2005-09)
R1200R (2007-10) R1150GS (2001-04)
R1200S (2006-07) R1150GS Adv (2001-04)
HP2 Sport (2007-10) R1150R (2001-05)
R1200ST (2005-07) Rockster (2004-05)
R900RT (2005-09) R1150RS (2003-04)
R1150RT (2001-05)

1994-2004 R1100x "Oil Head" models
R1100GS (1995-00) R1100RT (1995-01)
R1100R (1995-00) R1100S (1999-04)
R1100RS (1994-02) R850R (1996-97)

1970-95 "Air Head" models
R100GS (1991-95) R80 G/S (1980-87)
R100GSPD (1991-95) R80ST (1980-84)
R100GSPD (1988-90) R80RT (1985-87)
R100R Mystik (1995) R80RT (1982-84)
R100R(1990-95) R80 (1980-84)
R100RS (1985-93) R/80_R80/7
R100RT (1987-95) R75/7 (1977)
R100CS (1981-84) R75/6 (1974-76)
R100 (1979-84) R75/5 (1970-73)
(Under Construction)
R100RS (1977-84) R65 (1985-88)
R100RT (1978-84) R65 (1978-84)
R100/7 (1977-78) R65LS (1981-84)
R100S (1976-80) R60/7 (1977-78)
R90S (1974-76) R60/6 (1974-76)
R90/6 (1974-76) R60/5 (1970-73)
(Under Construction)
R50/5 (1970-73)
(Under Construction)
K Bikes
2012-current 6-cylinder models
K1600GTL Excl (2014-16)
K1600GTL (2012-16)
K1600GT (2012-16)
2009-16 4-cylinder models
K1300GT (2009-10)
K1300R (2009-14)
K1300S (2009-16)
2005-08 4-cylinder models
K1200GT (2006-08)
K1200R (2005-08)
K1200R Sport (2007)
K1200S (2005-08)
1998-2009 4-cylinder models
K1200LT (2005-09)
K1200LT (1999-04)
K1200GT (2003-04)
K1200RS (2002-04)
K1200RS (1998-01)
1985-97 4-cylinder models
K1100LT (1992-97)
K1100RS (1993-96)
K1 (1989-92)
K100 (1985-86)
K100LT (1987-91)
K100RS (1985-89)
K100RS (1991-92)
K100RT (1985-88)
1986-95 3-cylinder models
K75 (1986-95)
K75C (1986-90)
K75RT (1990-95)
K75S (1987-95)
F Bikes
2007-current 2-cylinder models
F800GS Adv (2014-16)
F800GS (2013-16)
F800GS (2009-12)
F700GS (2014-16)
F650GS Twin (2009-12)
F800GT (2013-16)
F800ST (2007-12)
F800R (2011-13)
F800R (2015-16)
F800S (2007)
1997-2007 1-cylinder models
F650GS (2005-07)
F650GS (2001-04)
F650GS Dakar (2005-07)
F650GS Dakar (2001-04)
F650CS (2005)
F650CS (2003-04)
F650 (1997-99)
F650ST (1997-00)
G Bikes
2007-current 1-cylinder models
G310R (2017)
G650GS (2011-16)
Sertão (2012-14)
G650GS (2009-10)
G650 Xcountry (2008-10)
G650 Xcountry (2007)
G650 Xchallenge (2007)
G650 Xmoto (2007)
G450X (2009-10)
S Bikes
2010-current models
S1000R (2014-16)
S1000RR (2015-16)
S1000RR (2012-14)
S1000RR (2010-11)
HP4 (2013-14)
S1000XR (2016)
C Bikes
2013-current models
C600 Sport (2013-16)
C650GT (2013-16)

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It doesn't matter if you're riding an old R65 BMW Motorcycle or a brand new K1600GTL BMW Motorcycle or R1200GS BMW Motorcycle, A&S BMW Motorcycles is the best place on the web to buy BMW Motorcycle Parts, motorcycle accessories, or even motorcycle riding apparel.

We have all the regular maintenance items you are looking for like batteries, oil and oil changing tools, and tire repair tools, as well as an innovative online BMW Motorcycle Parts catalog and microfiche to help all of you do-it-yourselfers out there.

We have the accessories to increase the riding comfort like windshields, foot peg relocation kits,handlebar relocation kits, comfortable seats and backrests.

We have all kinds of parts and accessories to improve the appearance and functionality of your motorcycle as well such as carbon fiber, reflective tape, tank protectors, gadget mounts, tank bags and electrical connectors for powering up your GPS, iPod, or cell phone.

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