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Saddlebag - 35-Liter Zega Case - BMW R1200GS Adventure - by Touratech

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Touratech 35-Liter Zega Pannier Special Set (includes Black Mounting Racks) - 2005-13 Air/Oil-Cooled BMW R1200GS, 2006-13 R1200GS Adventure*

* This system comes with it's own mounting racks - they replace the optional OEM BMW system on your 2006-13 R1200GS Adventure.

KitThe best luggage for your BMW R1200GS or R1200GS Adventure, the Touratech pannier system features extremely strong, lightweight aluminum panniers that are built in Germany and mount on the strongest racks in the industry. Black 18mm diameter steel tube racks with 2mm thick side walls that form a rectangular "hoop" on either side of the bike to attach the panniers to. Our panniers are better engineered, better tested and better manufactured than any other company's. Proven by famous world travelers like Helge Pedersen and like Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman of Long Way 'Round fame.

The pannier boxes are a natural aluminum metallic in color and have a lift off lid plus a wide, square shape that makes packing and unpacking (and pulling stuff out from the bottom along the way) a cinch. The high clearance of the boxes means you won't risk touching down a corner during fast riding or bottoming out the boxes if you are trying to go through deep sand.

Both the 35-liter and 41-liter panniers (see Recommended Items below) mount such that they are narrower than the handlebars of the bike, with an overall width of the 35-liter special system of 35 inches, (The 41-liter special system is 38.5 inches.) The lid closes with two very strong latches and when closed the top edge of the box seats into a silicone seal in the lid that results in a completely water-tight box.

Touratech's testers and customers have routinely driven these panniers through pouring monsoons, Midwest summer downpours and raging rivers and emerged with nary a drop to be found inside. To accommodate the muffler on the left side of the bike the left side box has a cut-out machined into the aluminum (reducing capacity by about 5-liters) and the rack wraps around the muffler to make the box sit as close to the subframe of the bike as possible and give the bike a symmetrical, even look. Since the pannier sits so close to the muffler Touratech has developed an exclusive heat shield, that attaches to the box and reflects and directs the hot exhaust gases away from the pannier. This means you can load the left box with anything you want, be it ice cream or a nylon windbreaker and the heat from the exhaust will not affect the contents.

The rack that holds the panniers attaches at existing frame points on the bike and does not require any drilling or cutting to install. The panniers attach to the racks at 4 points using heavy-duty composite and steel mounting brackets that offer very secure fitting and can be quickly released to take the boxes off. Thanks to Touratech's innovative cross-braced rack system the racks act like a subframe on the rear of the bike. In the event of a tip over or accident the pannier boxes cannot be pushed inwards.

Touratech panniers do not crack like plastic luggage, they are waterproof and offer superior protection for your bike. The loop handles on the lids are ideal for lashing down a dry bag or other supplies. They install without any cutting or drilling and do not require any reconfiguration of the turn signals. If you are planning to go around your state, country or the world Touratech panniers will take you and all your stuff there and back!

  • You'll want to complete pannier set up with following (See Recommended Items below.)
  • Touratech Locks for Zega Panniers, set of 2 locks. Lets you lock your panniers when you are away from your bike. (You'll need 4 so order 2 sets.)
  • Touratech Saddlebag Liner Bags - (Order one 29-liter for left side, one 35-liter for right side). Makes pre-trip packing and taking all of your stuff into your tent, house or hotel room much easier.
  • Touratech Zega panniers are also available in 41-liter size. (See Recommended Items below.)

Check out the installation video:

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Liner - Zega Aluminum Panniers 35-Liter - by Touratech
Liner Bag for Touratech Zega Panniers allow you to empty your ZEGA panniers quickly and makes it easy to get your stuff into your tent or hotel room.

Lock - Saddlebag Set - Panniers - BMW R1200GS - by Touratech
These are the locks for your Touratech 35 or 41-liter Zega pannier systems. Order 2 sets of 2 locks to have one for each latch on your panniers.

Saddlebag - 41-Liter Zega - BMW R1200GS / ADV - by Touratech
Touratech's 41-liter Zega cases are extremely strong, lightweight aluminum panniers from Germany. This Special Set includes black mounting racks and fit your 2005-13 air/oil-cooled BMW R1200GS or 2006-13 R1200GS Adventure.

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Touratech's Zega Pro top cases are the best solution for your BMW R1200GS Adventure. Years of experience and testing has produced a design that offers the ultimate luggage system for your bike.

Top Case - Zega Pro - Air/Oil-Cooled BMW R1200GS - by Touratech
Touratech's Zega Pro top cases are the best solution for your BMW R1200GS. Years of experience and testing has produced a design that offers the ultimate luggage system for your 'GS.

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