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2011-02-15 "A vision of the urban future"

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2011-02-15 "A vision of the urban future."

Posted February 15, 2011

Fashion Designer Kinga Horvath meets the
BMW Motorrad Concept C Scooter

There is no doubting that BMW Motorrad's Concept C study is way ahead of its time, with its futuristic, sports styling and unique technical possibilities, but as these special pictures from top fashion photographer Markus Hofmann show, it wouldn't look out of place in a scene from a science-fiction movie, set at some point in our future.

Picture 1

Captured against the bright lights of a cityscape backdrop, the Concept C looks as if it is from another world, as does the sharply-dressed model rider, beautifully dressed to impress with some unique couture by Munich-based Hungarian fashion designer Kinga Horvath, who clearly looked to the future for inspiration for her latest creation.

Horvath's first contact with the Concept C's futuristic looks was enough to conjure up ideas of a sci-fi nature, which quickly translated into several unique designs. She explains the reasoning and inspiration behind these latest styles.

"I was instantly smitten with the idea of the 'future', especially because you don't often get the opportunity to work with this topic, so lots of ideas came to my mind when I thought about it. In the beginning I couldn't imagine what a new BMW 'scooter' would look like, but when I first saw the first pictures, I instantly fell in love with the design and colours. The BMW's silver, black and blue colour scheme was a perfect match for how I wanted to plan my 'Conception C' clothing."

Picture 2It wasn't difficult to find the inspiration for this topic and the Munich-based fashion designer's key influences came from the Silver Screen. In order to really tune into the genre, she watched science-fiction blockbusters such as Star Wars, Star Trek and Avatar but also cult movie classics like Tron. Inspired by these iconic films, she took notes and began the creative process required to fashion the kind of clothes that wouldn't look out of place on a film set - or behind the controls of the Concept C.

"The most important thing about the realization of these clothes was to find the right fabric," said Kinga. "On one hand the outfits had to be racy and comfortable but also needed to look elegant and simple. Conversely, they also had to be tough and hard-wearing, so as you can imagine it wasn't easy finding the right cloth, but in the end I found the perfect one to match my ideas, so I set to work to bring these outfits to life."

Kinga decided to use the classic black colour scheme for her selection of clothing, as the understated elegance matches the BMW Motorrad powered two-wheeler and always looks good. Reflective piping in the clothing makes a safety statement and a strong connection between the rider and machine. Removable sleeves and the incorporation of body armour into the overall look – borrowed from a motorcycle dealer in Munich – shows that an element of protection doesn't have to be at the expense of style, as Kinga believes that fashion-conscious owners of the future will want to look as good – and feel as safe – as the machines that they are riding.

Picture 3

"The Concept C scooter gives us a glimpse of the future and the coming urban lifestyle, and this was also my intention in designing these clothes. Tomorrow's women will be just as eager to look their best, and these two finished outfits give an interpretation of what is possible. Of course, we don't know exactly what our personal transportation needs will be, but one thing is for sure – in 10 or 20 years the cities will be too crowded with cars, so more and more people will choose to get around on scooters, whether to go shopping, go to a party or just to commute to the office. Women will always want to look elegant and that's why I've created these unique outfits. No woman wants a 'hand-me-down', off-the-peg dress to wear; they want something made just for them that looks great and makes them feel special."

Capturing this ultramodern look behind the lens was top photographer Markus Hofmann, whose job it was to 'fuse' the bespoke outfits with the BMW Motorrad Concept C design study and provide the kind of environment that would reflect a possible lifestyle and look of the future.

"The Concept C is a dream to photograph and you don't often get the chance to take pictures of a scooter like this," he said. "The fantastic city backdrop was specially generated for the presentation of BMW Motorrad's Concept C study by the international advertising agency Serviceplan and gives an impression of a city of the future, much like the 1927 German science-fiction expressionist film Metropolis. Thanks to the Concept C, Kinga's designs and the unique looks of model Erin, this vision of the future suggests that we have much to look forward to."

Picture 4


Photography: Markus Hofmann (
Model: Erin (
Styling: Kinga Horvath (
Hair & Make Up: John Elliott (
Photo Assistant: Petra Höglmeier
Retouching / Composing: Viviane Bonnefond

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