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Chain Lubrication - Scottoiler Chain Oiler - BMW F800R F800GS

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Automatic Drive Chain Lubrication System - BMW F800R, F800GS, F700GS, F650GS Twin

Picture of the kitThis automatic chain-lubrication system offers continuous lubrication of your bike's drive chain. It's been configured in co-operation with the Scottoiler company especially for your F800GS, F700GS, F650GS Twin or F800R. (System should be installed only by an authorized BMW Motorrad workshop.)

The Scottoiler company has been offering automatic chain-lubrication systems for more than 30 years. Improvement has been continuous throughout this period and the company is now the acknowledged market leader in this sector. Among motorcyclists, the name "Scottoiler" is established as synonymous with automatic chain lubrication systems.

  • How it works:
  • Automatic chain lubrication is controlled by vacuum produced when the engine is running. The vacuum lifts the diaphragm, which opens a valve enabling oil to flow under the force of gravity through a delivery hose and drip on to the chain over the rear sprocket.
  • Both sides of the chain are lubricated: centrifugal force causes the oil to spread over the sprocket to the inside links of the chain. Some of the oil is distributed over the O-rings, the rest makes its way into the rollers and the capillary effect spreads it to the other side of the chain.
  • The flow rate (drip rate) can be adjusted at the valve. The maximum flow rate is limited.
  • Results
  • The constant lubrication significantly reduces friction in the chain drive, helping to minimize wear and power loss.
  • With the delivery the rate correctly adjusted, one fill of the oil reservoir (50 ml) is sufficient for riding a distance of approximately 1,500 miles (2500 km).
  • No separate switching on and off needed: the system operates automatically only when the engine is running.
  • The design of the system ensures no effect on the engine's operating characteristics.
  • Maintains the capability of the chain, keeps it clean, quiet and smooth-running.
  • No need for manual lubrication or cleaning of the chain and the tension does not have to be adjusted as often because its wearing less.
  • The chain and the sprockets last much longer. The savings on the first replacement chain-set help off-set the cost of the system.
  • Kit Contains:
  • Oil reservoir with valve
  • Nozzle (drips the oil on to the chain and the sprocket).
  • Hose for vacuum and oil feed.
  • Mounting hardware.
  • Operating instructions.
NOTE: The oil is not included in the kit and must be purchased separately.
One 250 ml bottle is sufficient for 7,500 miles of riding
. Find the oil below under Recommended Items.

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