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2010-10-24 "Superbikes and super stunts from Superman"

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2010-10-24 "Superbikes and super stunts from Superman"

Posted 12/24/2010

Superbikes and super stunts from Superman

Even though heS recently turned 40-years-old, Chris Pfeiffer is showing no signs of slowing down. Since he won the German Open stunt championship in June, heS been performing shows in The Maldives and Sicily, thrilling World Superbike fans in Misano – and MotoGP fans at the Sachsenring – as well as treating huge crowds of F1 followers to a display of his skills at Hockenheim. We caught up with the F800R-riding stunt ace who has recently taken delivery of an S1000RR.

Are you still enjoying life in the fast lane?
Yes, definitely, because there is always a new challenge. It is a game without any limits. I get new inspiration and ideas for tricks everywhere I go, so I always look forward to performing and practising. My two main aims are progression and innovation, and thatS what motivates me to ride everyday.

How is life now you've hit the 'big 40'?
When I'm on the bike I still feel 25! When I come home and see my kids I realise I'm lucky to have the two opposites – family life and public life. I don't feel 40 but then I have to increase my fitness training to stay supple. It used to be enough to just ride the bike, but not anymore!

Where do you get your inspiration from?
From a lot of places. I like to watch other freestyle riders and if they pull a cool trick that I had not thought of then I will go away and come up with my own version of that trick. I hate to copy; I always look to put my 'own stamp' on all my tricks. ThatS how the sport progresses and how we as riders push each other. Often I will just be practising alone and an idea will just pop into my head and from there I will start trying it out.

How long does it take to master tricks?
Sometimes I can perfect them in five minutes but sometimes it can take a year. I plan all my tricks in a very professional manner and break them down step by step, as I don't want to crash and fall down all the time. Video taping is also very helpful for me because you can actually see what you're doing, which helps you create tricks that look good.

What are your ambitions for the future?
I just want to keep on pushing the limits and pushing the sport. Winning competitions is not that interesting for me anymore because I have won pretty much everything I wanted to win. Now I prefer finding unique locations to perform spectacular tricks and film them. Riding on the roof of the BMW headquarters was amazing; I would love to do more things like that in the future.

How often do you practice?
I still ride my bike every day and practice for at least two hours a day. I will never ride when I am tired because then it becomes dangerous but I still love to ride. I am always trying new tricks and new combinations. My riding style is very fluent and I love to pull separate tricks together into one. I still try and keep myself fit and stretch a bit more now I'm older. There are already some tricks I can't perform anymore because I've no longer got the flexibility!

How were the recent Red Bull trips to India and the Maldives?
They were amazing because of the reactions I received. You unload the bike and people just go crazy, because there are very few big bikes. Everyone is somehow connected with bikes, as they use them for commuting or as taxis or for carrying the whole family! You see millions of bikes in use and the people are always so enthusiastic. For my shows I'd start doing some easy stuff, just as a warm-up, and they would go crazy. I needed special security just to get out of some of these places because you would be mobbed!”

Have you tried any tricks on the S1000RR?
I've recently taken delivery of an S1000RR and it scares me a bit, to be honest. It is so fast! I am going to try it in 'rain' mode or restrict the power somehow so itS easier to control. Who knows it could be my future bike..? I may just use the S1000RR for certain tricks as it lends itself better to some tricks, due to its short wheelbase. The bikes that I ride are all pretty much stock; I adjust certain settings, add extra footpegs and brake levers but the main elements are all the same as a stock machine.

Do you do any other forms of riding?
I grew up riding trials bikes and did this for 12 years. Then I went into off-road and enduro racing. Freestyle riding is actually my third career on two wheels! I would love to have a try at racing but it is a totally different concept of riding compared to what I am used to. I am pretty fast on dirt bikes but I know I wouldn't be as fast on a race bike. I do love doing track days and I have made some big steps forward with my riding, but these steps are easy to make at the beginning – as you get faster it gets harder.

Are there any tricks that you still really want to perfect?
Yes, for years now I have wanted to do a 360 degree stoppie but the F 800 is not the right bike for the trick. This is why I am really looking forward to the S1000RR because I think it might be the right bike for the trick. This has been the toughest trick for me to master so I hope the S1000RR will be the key to everything.

In brief, what are you proud of and where would you like to be in five years time?
The success of the F800R Chris Pfeiffer edition. I feel very proud to have this bike named after me. As for the next five years, I'd just love to still be able to ride at the top level!

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